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December 14, 1995 Haitian American Singer and Songwriter Ashley Sanon known professionally as Ash Doll was born in Brooklyn, New York. Dating way back to her adolescent years, she’s had an undying love for music. In fact, her relationship with music grew as she did, but in contrast to most, Ashley had a deeper connection with music, because it acted as a direct escape from her reality. Raised in Philadelphia, Ashley constantly found herself performing in local church and school choirs. From the tender age of 6, up until she was 17, Ashley sang from the depths of her soul in these choruses. Her efforts nor high notes went unnoticed, because in 2010, she was granted the lead role in George Washington High School choir! Later that year, Ashley and her sister Alexandra,​ ​started a music group called ‘6 Minutes”. The pair created a YouTube page and uploaded a bunch of cover songs, taking new-age singles and recreating them in their own unique way. This generated a buzz and a following large enough that a producer from America’s Got Talent reached out to them! Unfortunately, their show appearance didn't come to pass, but the nod was a stamp, that their talent was evident, and that a young Ash Doll was well on her way! In 2016, Ashley went solo and began to take her music more seriously by writing and recording more often and focusing on artist development. After working avidly and sharpening her craft Ashley premiered her first single ​“Winter Lovin”​ in 2019; which is a melodic song detailing a winter of love. Ash Doll is currently gearing up to release her newest hit single titled ​“Can’t Deny” which is off of her Freshman EP which is expected for release in 2020. Ash Doll is a talented R&B and soul singer on the rise, and her passion and musical talent places her at the top of her game. She’s the blue flame of emerging artists’ and is to be watched closely.

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